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In Her Words: 20th Century Lesbian Fiction

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Revisit (and discover!) your 20th century lesbian literary favourites and celebrate the trailblazing authors that created them in this jubilant doco.

Tracing the journey of Sapphic writing throughout the last century, from The Well of Loneliness, pulp novels, children’s books, horror fiction and everything in between. In Her Words: 20th Century Lesbian Fiction leaves few stones unturned in its celebration of a sprawling cast of lesbian literary behemoths. With remarkable archival footage and a host of illuminating interviews, this captivating documentary charts the events that shaped their craft and raises a glass to their triumphs.

Content warning: contains discussions of homophobia, suicide and sexual abuse

Australian Premiere

The cinema screening includes a special panel discussion with one of the film's directors and editor Lisa Marie Evans, critic and author Fiona Kelly McGregor (Iris), 78er and former owner of The Feminist Bookshop (1982-2011) Gail Hewison and author Hayli Thomson (The Comedienne’s Guide to Pride), moderated by entrepreneur, podcaster and writer Kaylene Langford (How to Start a Side Hustle), talking about the film and offering a local perspective on the subject.

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About In Her Words: 20th Century Lesbian Fiction
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  • Director

    Lisa Marie Evans Marianne K. Martin
  • Cast

    Lillian Faderman Ann Bannon Rita Mae Brown Jewel Gomez Sarah Waters
  • Producer

    Cheryl Pletcher
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    Courtesy of: Project Legacies
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