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Exhilarating documentary Queendom follows the incredible and fearless story of radical non-binary artist Gena Marvin (she/her) in Putin’s Russia.

Filmed over four years, queer director Agniia Galdanova captures the vulnerability and incredible bravery of Gena as she stages breathtaking performances in otherworldly costumes on the streets of Moscow. These performances become a new form of art and activism aiming to change people’s perception of queerness in Russia. Filmed amidst the invasion of Ukraine, life becomes all the more urgent and precious as Gena battles acceptance from her grandparents in small town Magadan and the increasing risk of conscription.

Content warning: contains depictions of homophobic violence, transphobic violence and police brutality.

2023 L.A Outfest – Special Mention Documentary
2023 Zurich Film Festival – Winner Audience Award


“A devastating, urgent reminder that art can be dangerous and important and political and powerful — especially in ten-inch heels.” – Empire


“A remarkable film that weaves empowerment with unsettling tension and artistry with pure barbarism. It is by far the most affecting documentary of the year.” – The Pink Lens

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