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A Western Sydney Indian-Australian couple navigate their family and society’s expectations as the husband comes out, from executive-producer Dev Patel.

As second-generation Indians in Parramatta, Vir and Nitya were achieving everything that was expected of them – professional careers, marriage and a down payment for a home. But as Vir inches closer to fulfilling his parents’ dreams, he realises he can no longer ignore his own desires. A moving film about self-discovery and identity, Sahela beautifully captures a gay man and his wife’s connection with each other, tethered by their shared experiences living lives shaped by the people around them.

Content warning: contains depictions of homophobia and homophobic language

Producer Tayyab Madni in attendance for a Q&A. Followed by an Australian Showcase after party in the Johnnie Walker Festival Bar. Film-only tickets are also available.

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About Sahela
  • Community

    Gay Men
  • Director

    Raghuvir Joshi
  • Writer

    Atika Chohan, Raghuvir Joshi, Jett Tattersall, Shakthi Shakthidharan
  • Cast

    Antonio Aakeel Anula Navlekar Harish Patel Anita Patel Sheeba Chaddha Vipin Sharma Nicholas Brown
  • Producer

    Tayyab Madni Radhika Lavu
  • Company Credits

    Courtesy of: Picture Works Australia
  • Program Strand

    Australian Showcase Guest for Q&A Narrative Feature
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