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An important Australian documentary exploring how social media, advertising, hook-up apps and the clubbing scene can foster an unhealthy pressure to have a “hot” body in the gay community.

Featuring interviews through the voices of a diverse range of gay men and expert opinion, Shape explores many of the defining factors that influence gay men to obsess over their looks and the negative repercussions of this harmful mindset. With a reported increase in feelings of unworthiness, shame, mental health issues and marginalisation amongst gay men this documentary reveals what happens when body image is inextricably linked to toxic masculinity, body dysmorphia, racism, ageism and femmephobia.

Content warning: contains frank discussions about body image and racism.

Sydney Premiere

Followed by a panel discussion expanding the conversation to include other members of the LGBTIQ+ community. Moderated by journalist Mon Schafter (ABCQueer), they will be joined by producer, director and performer Demon Derriere (Big Thick Energy; FA(C)TS, MGFF24); writer and peer worker Reece Georgas (Butterfly Foundation), and director and producer Roger Ungers (Shape, MGFF24).

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About Shape
  • Community

    Gay Men Non-Binary
  • Director

    Roger Ungers
  • Writer

    Roger Ungers
  • Cast

    Dr Glen Hoskin Stefan Tyra Stewart Taylor Aaron Jensen Budi Sudarto Miss Jay
  • Producer

    Roger Ungers
  • Company Credits

    Courtesy of: Roger That Pictures
  • Program Strand

    Panel QueerDOC
  • Blurb Writer

    Boden Evans
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